Newsletter #4 for Howard Music: Engen fills up at Howard Music


As a FrEELance copywriter – CREATivE director – MArKEting gHOsTwriter, I help visionary entrepreneurs and leading global brands to grab eyeballs, touch hearts, alter minds, and inspire action. I reach wallets too, but that’s just a happy side effect. 

I don’t sling action verbs for quick cash, or bleed ink into ideas for a humble hourly fee. I weave compelling stories and craft engaging content in tones and styles designed to trigger a positive response and make an unforgettable impact. I have worked my way through every medium known to gadget-carrying man, and especially enjoy dropping jaws when it comes to: homepage manifestos, website copy, articles, social media & company profiles, brochure & flyer text, press releases, sales emailers, newsletters, print ads, advertising campaign & creative marketing concepts, video scripts, radio spots, and TV promos & commercials. In short, script to screen multi-media and spicy marketing content in every flavour of the consumer rainbow. 

Take my sizzle for a spin at PeoplePerHour, or Contact Me about your next insane idea, today. Yala! Daniel Bothma

FrEELance CREATivE copywriter & MArKEting gHOsTwriTER

newsletter ghost writer newsletter ghost writer newsletter ghost writer newsletter ghost writer FrEELance CREATivE copywriter & MArKEting gHOsTwriTER