Press Release: CLUB CAVALLI


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Flamboyant Italian fashion guru ROBERTO CAVALLI today announced that Pragma Group has been selected as official partner to launch his extravagant designer lounge concept called “Club Cavalli” in Dubai. “Everything will be dangerously Cavalli, from the provocative atmosphere down to the sensual textures”

Newsletter: Howard Music Launch Edition

3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard From Adam Howard Lately:

a) He played Beethoven backwards on his trumpet, uncovered a secret formula for making Music Bombs and have been running from the evil men in black ever since.

b) While scoring a science fiction film he got sucked into a wormhole and spent the last year trying to get back to the year 2011.

c) He got so wrapped up in conducting orchestras, directing music for huge events and accepting awards that he just never got around to it.