“I was good and bad, but never wicked.” ~ Anne Rice


Prepare for the Sexiest Adventure of Your Life!

If you can still remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty, then prepare to get more than just your lacy thong in a twist. is a fun-loving, couple-friendly website and magazine that caters to your naughtiest needs! We’re discreet yet open, always sexy and never sleazy. We are here to help you find the best, most luxurious sex toys available. What lies nestled in the voluptuous folds of our virgin edition will knock your socks off! So please get comfortable, open your mind, drop those silly inhibitions, and join us under the covers. Remember, play it safe, keep it saucy, and above all, have fun!


Up for Some Sexy Hanky Spanky?

Forget Madonna and 50 shades of silly! Bondage is not the scary and twisted realm of deviance that Hollywood would have us all believe. It’s one of the oldest most sensual tricks in the book to heighten carnal pleasures between consenting adults. Even the ancient Kama Sutra includes a section devoted to “love blows” with detailed instructions on how to administer the most arousing slaps.

Playing with Power for Pleasure

Bondage is a highly erotic form of role play where partners surrender sexually in a safe and consensual way. It’s as much about the wild fetish gear as it is about enjoying clean and kinky fun through a form of intense sensation. It’s not only sharing fantasies, but also discovering what truly excites you and your partner. Bedroom Bondage is about trusting your partner to take or relinquish power. And as they say, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”. In essence, Bondage is bedroom theatre. A world of make-believe where lovers play with power, and become free in that play and expression. In caring hands, fetish gear is about heightening sensual excitement and if it’s not safe and consensual, it can’t be fun.

Hands-on Tips to Bondage Bliss

Every couple’s sexual wants and desires are unique. Should you be peachy keen to try something more daring than the usual vanilla sex, there is no need to confess to your lover that you want to “get into” bondage. The last thing you want to hear when you surprise him with a latex bodysuit, whip and matching handcuffs is, “Hey Batman, what’s for dinner! Novelty infuses sex with new energy. Introducing a little light bondage should be done with care and open communication. The only way to find out what your lover enjoys is to experiment. Start by introducing a blindfold or some light restraints in the form of a satin scarf, or better yet, his favourite tie, and see how he responds. Try a feather tickler and fluffy handcuffs, or get creative with a bit of raunchy talk! If at any point he objects to your fiery affections, give him a swift spank on the bottom, but be sure to decide on a safe word or phrase before the games begin. If having your lover beg for more appeals to you, or you are simply curious about more erotic ways to revitalise your carnal affections, look no further. From the disturbingly cute to the positively unbelievable, we have it all, and there is much more on the way!


Sexy Satisfaction for Couples

Sex Toys are perfect for deepening the bonds of intimacy and heightening sexual satisfaction.

These erotic playthings keep the throes of excess cupidity exciting and there awaits some pretty delicious experiences for couples ready to take a more playful approach to canoodling. We are not suggesting that you surprise him with a leather teddy and matching strap-on, but if that’s your thing we’ve got explosive stuff a plenty! Slipping a sensual gizmo into a relationship is a sure-fire way to reignite the flames of passion and transform a predictable evening of lovemaking into an unforgettably raunchy affair. Our variety of high-quality adult toys are meant to complement and enhance your sexual pleasure. All that is needed is an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to explore new sensual delights! 


A Healthy Body Means a Healthy Sex Life

There’s no denying it. Great sex makes us feel good emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

Sexual pleasure is an integral part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Studies have shown that regular intercourse relieves stress, aids the immune system and eases pain. A good romp also provides major benefits like increased energy, heightened awareness and a more relaxed outlook on life. At first glance, science might not be considered a “sexy” topic, but it has made some fantastic adjustments to our sex lives. From libido boosters and supplements for increased vitality, to pubic highlights and hi-tech grooming devices. Science has finally caught up with our modern wants and desires in a big way. Take the latest phenomenon in all-natural birth control as an example. This clever little gadget functions as a personalised fertility monitor and uses body temperature to monitor the female cycle with pinpoint accuracy. Once tuned, the monitor will reveal when you are perfectly safe for a bit of naughty fun. Taking care of your body is the best investment you can make  for your overall sexual well-being and longevity. Cultivate a life of health and sexual bliss and take your lover along for the ride. There’s nothing a steamy session can’t cure.


SEXercise Your Love Muscle

Where the Kegel is my PCM? How To Find Your Love Muscle

The fun thing about exercising your Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscle is that it is not only quite pleasurable, but also so discreet that it can be done absolutely anywhere. The PC Muscle runs from the pubic bone to the tailbone, supports the pelvic floor and contracts involuntarily during climax. Kegel exercises are designed to help strengthen this muscle. Research has proven that there exists an intimate relationship between a strong and well-toned PC Muscle, and the intensity of orgasms in both males and females. Many women experience increased sensitivity, better and longer lasting rapture and greater G-spot stimulation. Plus, a healthy PC Muscle also decreases the risk of urinary incontinence and plays a vital role for all women as they assist in control during childbirth. Think of your PC Muscle as the cornerstone of your own palace. Once your foundation is sturdy, come what may, your pleasure palace will be safe and strong.

Where the Kegel is my PCM? How To Find Your Love Muscle

Before you can start training your PC Muscle, you will need to find it. The PC Muscle is found at the base of the vagina and controls the size and strength of the vaginal opening. Without using your hands, take a moment to focus your attention on the muscle in and around your genital area. Squeeze the muscle into a light contraction and release. Congratulations! You have just discovered your PC Muscle. You can also find this muscle by starting and stopping your urine stream, but we do not recommend turning this into a habit. Kegel exercises with a full bladder can actually weaken this important muscle. Your body knows best and moderation is always the “Kegel” to success.

Tickle & Tone Your PCM’s with Kegel Exercise Balls 

The female PC Muscle is best exercised by tightening and tensing around something to squeeze. Yes, we know squeezing a partner is way more fun, but with a little patience you will be able to exert full muscular control during lovemaking. Just think of the benefits of more satisfying orgasms for you both! To help you make the most of your pelvic power we stock a wide range of handy fitness tools designed especially for this purpose. They are known by many different names: Love balls, Ben-Wa balls, Kegel balls, Luna Beads, Geisha balls, etc. These balls are fitted with weighted spheres, which vibrate quietly as you move. Every motion you make causes the inner core to roll and vibrate, stimulating the PC muscle into arousing contractions. The more they vibrate, the more they will massage, stimulate and strengthen your vaginal wall muscles. We recommend wearing them around the house until you are used to them.

Easy Kegel Exercises with Happy Endings Included

The secret to toning your PC Muscle is actually very straightforward. Simply squeeze, hold, release, relax, and repeat. Start by contracting your pelvic floor muscles and hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds. Slowly work your way up to 10 seconds, and do only as many repetitions as you feel comfortable with. On average, three sets of 10 reps a day should be enough to get your twiddly bits toned and rejuvenated. Modern Smartballs will also automatically remind you to squeeze. Your body will quickly find a comfortable balance between rhythm and tension. You will soon notice a dramatic increase in the intensity of your orgasms (not to mention a marked firmness from him). To add stamina to your workout, remember to breath freely with every flex. For maximum results, link your Kegel exercises to a routine task, like driving, surfing the Internet, or reading a steamy erotic novel. The sooner you form the habit, the quicker your body will respond, and the more you will feel the difference.


Fun Facts

We call it a PC Muscle, because the more scientifically correct description “PuboCoccygeus Muscle” sounds like something left behind by the Dinosaurs. The fact that it’s easier to say might also have something to do with it. 

Dr. Arnold Kegel invented an instrument called a Perineometer. It is used to accurately measure the strength of the PC Muscle by squeezing an air-filled bulb. Ever since then, the term Kegel has been used to refer to the PC Muscle. 

Toning the muscle around the base of the vaginal area produces more contact around the penis during sex, making it feel better for him and her. 

Some women report that a stronger PC Muscle enable them to make their men climax on demand. Imagine that!  

Reasons to Sexercise your PC Muscle:

  • More intense orgasms
  • Increased bladder control
  • Preparation for natural childbirth
  • Tighten postnatal vaginal muscles
  • Helps prevent urinary incontinence
  • Because it’s healthy and rather pleasurable

“Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin- it’s the triumphant twang of a bedspring.” ~ S. J. Perelman