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 Great writer! I am very pleased with his work and would be happy to work with him again.

Sarah K.

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A Google-Inspired Wedding Story for Sarah & Robert’s Website:

When Robert moved from Calgary to Houston he had no idea that a single Google search would lead him directly to the doorstep of the love of his life. In fact, looking back to that precise moment in 2007 when Sarah and Robert first met, neither of them had a clue…

Sarah: I was working at a real estate agent, specializing in relocating expats and in walks this handsome guy telling me how much he wants to take me home…

Robert: No, I didn’t! You have to tell it right! The day we met played out like a Roman Polanski movie in slow motion and went more like this: “I’d like to take you home”, he said in a husky voice that reached down into the core of her flustered being. With eyes on fire and lips yearning for relief he swept her into his masculine arms and… …Umm… Hi, I’d like to take a look at the homes you have, Robert said as Sarah tried to get rid of the trashy novella in a fumbling blush. Their eyes met and for the briefest of moments time stood still. Suddenly there was no difference between reality and fantasy. They had both come home, but didn’t know it.

Sarah: Wow! Where did that come from? Okay, that sounds like me, but for the record my novellas are romantic, not trashy!  

Anyway, moving along… Sarah found Robert a lovely apartment one floor above her own, (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and invited him to a few of her (in)famous multi-national dinner parties. Over the next few years they developed a precious (yet purely platonic) relationship until that magic moment arrived at a friend’s birthday party in 2012. From that day on they were inseparable, but ironically, the same moment they realized that their search was over, was also the exact moment that their newfound bond would be put to the ultimate test.

After 5 years of friendship and only a few short weeks into their now blooming love affair, Robert had to tell Sarah that he had been offered a unique opportunity in London. The thought of literally being oceans apart after spending everyday together forced them to make some big decisions quickly and the only option they had was to give a long distance relationship a shot.

Lucky for Robert, Sarah can manage her thriving online business from anywhere and her schedule allowed her to visit Robert often. It was only when Robert arrived in Houston to ask Sarah’s dad if they “could please move in together… overseas”, that Sarah realized that she had been testing the London lifestyle all along. Sarah’s dad still insists that he did not hear the “overseas bit” during the proposal and will make sure that Robert never forgets it!

After the wedding (and ensuing celebration), the couple will relocate to London, where they will write the first chapter of their life together as husband and wife. What the future holds for Sarah& Robert remains a mystery, but one thing is for certain, they will never look at a Google search bar the same ever again!

Robert & Sarah: We can’t wait to spend our special day with you so please RSVP, ASAP. P.S. “Nudge, nudge, wink, wink” seems to be a British thing. Don’t worry, we don’t get it either.

Forget the overpriced kitchen appliances and cutlery! What better more profound gift can you give the lucky couple than a professionally written romantic story immortalised online forever?    

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