How to Crash & Burn a Training Plan Like a Boss

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Forget Practical Advice on How To Craft a Formidable Custom Training Plan…

Here’s How To Fail Workforce Training Like a Superstar! 

While thousands of specialist e Learning websites and expert blogs extol the flashy virtues of creating a custom training plan for your organisation, we decided to be different. We are all adults here and who are we to assume that you want the best possible blueprint for training success?

Instead of lovely lullabies, ‘lank’ lectures, and fabricated case studies on every little unseen speck of detail that may thwart your efforts, we threw down half a doughnut and dropped the clutch! Racing through red lights with sirens closing in, we will now explore a cornucopia of ways to kill your budget and bring workforce training to a dead halt in no time. With minimal effort, we may add.

Join us now as we kick off on a spectacularly sardonic journey where we cool it on the hot tips and pretty promises and hit you head-on with a dose of opposites.

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October 23, 2015