Let’s Get Fantastically Lost in eLearning Navigation Design

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I Know a Short-cut To Grandma’s House, The eLearning Navigation Wolf Suavely Said…

Are you in the midst of designing an eLearning navigation structure for your courses and looking for REALISTIC ways to NOT scare your poor unsuspecting learners? Not sure how to lead your learners down the narrow path that leads to eGlory, eSuccess and eXpensive toys?

We have scoured the web in search of ways to make eLearning navigation design quicker, more effective, and less of a mess.

If you are fed up with fantasy gobbledegook engineered to obfuscate, join us now as we ignore the Doublespeak and give you the bare-bone facts on how to wax your eLearning course navigation and YES, live happily ever after.

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October 23, 2015