Press Release for TRUTH Coffee Cult




TRUTH is not just another swanky coffee joint in the oh-so-suave part of town, but a passionate time-traveling Barista’s Steampunk dream come true.

One of our most passionate coffee evangelists, David Donde, who played a key role in saving Cape Town from a horrific plague of average coffee in 2006, is spreading the TRUTH once again. The imminent launch of the TRUTH Headquarters on 36 Buitenkant Street is great news for the many followers of the thriving coffee cult, and means that more uninitiated souls will have the opportunity to experience what java nirvana really tastes like.

Flavour, not bitterness, and no sugar required.

“When it comes to paying homage to the holiest of magic beans, we are downright religious fundamentalists and not afraid to share our unconditional love in the freakiest, loudest and most memorable way possible.” 

“I love the smell of properly roasted coffee beans in the morning.

Situated in Cape Town’s gritty design fringe, the striking venue provides a central location for David’s artisanal approach to the coffee bean and his reverence in its preparation and service. The renovated industrial space is a visual feast and home to a monster, steampunk-esque Probat bag roaster with polished copper piping, steel drums, gauges, dials and every bell and whistle needed for the perfect cuppa. Why the elaborate mechanics? “So we can see what the hell we are doing!” retorts David with a mischievous smile.

The spectacular interior features a hand made, 7.5 m communal coffee table with swing-out stools for convivial consumption, vintage high-back leather seating booths, a fully-stocked bar and a sumptuous menu with just a pinch of moody lighting to bring it all together. The imposing new headquarters with its historic façade will no doubt create a stir, being conveniently situated behind the historic Coffee Lane it promises to not only attract the cream of Cape Towns coffee lovers, but also serve as a must-do experience for the growing number of international visitors to the Mother City.

“My personal goal is to have coffee deliver the taste that the aroma of freshly ground coffee promises. Storage conditions, roasting techniques, age of beans, freshness after roast and preparation techniques and conditions will all have dramatic effects on coffee character, or lack thereof. Unbelievably coffee is only fresh for 2 weeks after roasting and 4 minutes after grinding,” comments David with a religious zeal.Freelance Advertising Copywriter/Creative Director CAPE TOWN PRESS RELEASE TRUTH COFFEE CULT

The only thing necessary for bad brews to thrive is for great coffee connoisseurs to do nothing! 

The TRUTH experience goes way beyond the realm of pleasure, appreciation, quality or mere taste. TRUTH is the ‘real deal’ and already one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Cape Town, especially since being selected as World Design Capital for 2014.

We are also fortunate that we have stunning industrial spaces on our second floor, which can be utilised for meetings, launches, brainstorms and product presentations. We have already been swamped by ad agencies and corporates wanting to book our space. I imagine that they will be lively affairs considering that TRUTH coffee will fuel the conversation.

TRUTH is… Our coffee is so good that we don’t have to wipe down our menus with vanilla essence to draw the crowds. Why mess with minds when you can rev up taste buds? Before the shop fitting is finally finished, caffeine-laced epiphanies will be available at greatly reduced sums for devoted pilgrims and eager newbies alike. 

Photo Gallery © Shanna Jones, with styling by Leasa Mensing.
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March 22, 2014