I Grab Eyeballs, Touch Hearts, Alter Attitudes, & Inspire Action!*

*I conjure punchy copy and elegant websites too, but that’s just a bonus.

Need a Copywriter AND Website Developer?

If you have recently lost your favourite creative weirdo to rehab, a cult,
an alien abduction, or perhaps even an alien abduction cult in rehab…

Please allow me to introduce myself.

No Matter How Illusive The Audience, or ʎzɐɹC ǝɥʇ ʇdǝɔuoC…

As an Independent Copywriter/ Website Developer, I… Oh, you’re probably used to reading the sales jargon first, aren’t you? Okay, let’s ignore the credibility bit for now and move on to the part where I reveal my true intentions and show you “what’s in it for you” .

“I help visionary entrepreneurs and benevolent brands to engage their audiences with persuasive and compelling creative copy, websites, and online marketing content in every flavour of the consumer rainbow”.

Copywriter/ Website DeveloperFrom a power-packed headline to a fully-equipped WordPress Website with all the bells and whistles, every project I take on is a meticulously planned and flawlessly presented manifestation of my passion and purpose in action! I’m not a magician, hypnotist, mentalist or some uppity MLM salesman, but that does not mean I don’t know my Ethos from my Pathos, never mind who’s Logos. If you are in need of punchy copy, potent content, or an elegant website, drop me a line.

Should I even mention that AIDA and I are BFFs?

Shehan Pools Brochure

Based on creativity, quality of work, professionalism, and timely execution, I give Dan 7-Stars!

Bill Shehan, USA

Hey, I’m a Copywriter/ Website Developer, so DON’T take my word for it…

Hear what my clients have to say:

Great Copywriter/ Website Developer! I am very pleased with his work and would be happy to work with him again.

Bill Shehan, USA

Creative Director, Shehan Luxury Pools

Awesome work…. Thank you very much Daniel, great copy and right on point. Definitely work with you again!

Don S, South Africa

MD/ ECD, Bacardi Together Campaign

AMAZING Copywriter/ Website Developer! For once someone who has delivered more than expected – much more! I will definitely be using you again.

Radha V, London

Owner, The Flash Pack

Let's Get It Done!

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it…