Hire Your Own SEO Copywriter, Creative Director, & Web Designer to work for your brand remotely.

I’m Daniel Bothma

I Grab Eyeballs,
Touch Hearts,
Alter Attitudes,
and Inspire Action.*

SEO Copywriter Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer

*I’ve been known to reach wallets too, but that’s just a happy side-effect of doing what you love.

I’m not a psychic, but I have been expecting you…

Have you lost your favourite creative SEO copywriter slash Creative Director to rehab, a cult, an alien abduction, or perhaps an alien abduction cult in rehab?

Before you cause a scandal with that ‘creative’ family member who designed your logo, wrote your brochure, and almost finished designing your website when McGyver was still on TV, let’s talk.

Hire me as your own Creative Director and I’ll throw 20 years worth of media expertise behind your brand.

The Internet has radically changed the way we work, live and earn. Now, small startups and solo mavericks can hire the right talent directly instead of having to go through ad agencies.

Hiring fulltime staff to handle your marketing or asking the receptionist to run your social media is a costly endeavour. Outsourcing your media creative to a professional makes economic sense. And hey, I don’t take sick leave on deadline days… 

As a Creative Director and Advertising Copywriter, I’ve worked with monster brands and tiny startups in all the fantasy realms of TV, Print, Outdoor, Events, Activations, Film, Video, and Social Media. 

My scope includes taking full responsibility for all your creative content from Design, Company Positioning and Brand Strategy, to SEO Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Social Media.  

I can only take on 7 new retainer clients per year.
If you have enough work to keep me busy for months to come, skip the pitch, and contact me directly on +27607399765.

My Kreative Kung Fu Covers: 

Website Weaving

Custom Website Development & Design, WordPress CMS Training, eCommerce, Online Store, Digital Payments, Revamps, Upgrades, Sales Pages, Complete Do Overs & Clean Repossessions.

Word Conjuring

I’m a myth-making medium bleeding ink intwo a media mirror. The better I do my job, the less of me there is to distract from the work at hand. Muggles call me a SEO Copywriter


Spider Charming

Keeping up with the Big G’s search mood swings is an art. Get your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sorted with original and timeless articles crafted to engage humans and machines. 

Snowflake Farming

Stay relevant with creative and compelling Social Media Marketing. Hire me to secretly grow a fragrant digital garden of fans around your budding brand.

Forget Bigger Nets.
Think Better Gardens

It took me 20 years – and a fortune paid in stupid tax to finally realise that people don’t buy what you do, what you have, or what you can offer them. People buy INTO WHY YOU DO IT.

The First thing I ask all new clients is to dig deep and return with an answer to the question:

What’s your why? 

Take my Sizzle for a Spin!

SEO Copywriter Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer
SEO Copywriter Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer
Copywriter Web Designer Website Developer
SEO Copywriter Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer
SEO Copywriter Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer
Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer
SEO Copywriter Creative Director Web Designer Website Developer
Web Designer Website Developer

From script to screen and every step in between. 

South Africa




Don’t trust a word I say.
Hear it straight from my clients 

Great Copywriter/ Website Developer! I am very pleased with Dan’s work and would be happy to work with him again.

Bill Shehan, USA

Creative Director, Shehan Luxury Pools

Awesome work…. Thank you very much Daniel, great concept and copy and right on point. Definitely work with you again!

Don S, South Africa

MD/ ECD, Bacardi Together Campaign

AMAZING Copywriter and Web Wizard! For once someone who has delivered more than expected – much more! We went viral in 48 hours! Thank you Daniel!

Radha V, UK

Owner, The Flash Pack

Get Your Social Media Branding Sorted.

Get Your Own Bespoke Social Media Branding Kit Professionally Designed by a Creative Art Director & Copywriter Team.

We’re talking professional, perfectly-sized, and upload-ready Social Media profile artwork to delight your fans on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Are you in?